Posted by Sarah Carroll

ITC- Before you even crack open a bottle you can’t help but notice the incredible art on the label? Is that an artist or designer you know personally?

Kevin - Yes! This is an old friend of mine from middle school. She started her own company, MonVoir, and it doing some really amazing and unique work. We've been working closely with her on the artwork and are very excited about how things are looking. We have some really great new labels coming soon!



ITC- When and how did you end up knee deep in the craft beer world?

Kevin - For a long time my friends and I have been vising the Southern California breweries, mostly in San Diego. Started home-brewing a few years ago, and instantly became obsessed with the whole process. It's the perfect mix of science and art. Even more so for sour and barrel aged beers.



ITC-  I couldn’t help but notice your wife delivered the beer to our warehouse, is she a big part of Cellador? They say behind every man is a better woman, ok maybe not quite that but you catch our drift.

Kevin - Sara is arguable more important than me for the brewery! Her and I are the only owner/operators of Cellador. We don't have any employees at this point. She does everything from paperwork, to sales and distributing, as well as brewing, bottling, fruit processing, and working with the barrels.



ITC-  Is there a story behind the name Cellador?

Kevin -  Indeed. I's inspired by the phrase Cellar Door, which has commonly been referred to as the most beautiful sounding phrase in the English language for the last 100 or so years. The idea is that the spelling isn't important to the beauty of the idea. I also like that it conjures images of "cellaring" or aging beer.



ITC- What do you see next for Cellador Ales? Can the local folks expect a tasting room any time in the near future?

Kevin - We're planning a tasting room. But it probably won't happen until late 2017. We're working with the city to pull special event permits, and hope to be open two weekends a month starting in January for bottle sales and tastings. But mostly right now we're working on making the best beer we can, and taking things one day at a time.



ITC- Craft beer is growing like wild-fire and it is not easy to make your name in the business. Was there ever a point you thought, hmmm maybe this isn’t for me? Or was this a passion that without a doubt you knew you would see all the way to the end?

 Kevin - I've been pretty focused on this project for the last 3 years, and was always confident that it would happen. But, I see the industry changing fast, and am interested in what will happen over the next few years. I think that if producers and consumers keep quality as the number one priority, and also if the industry stays as friendly as it has been, things will be fine. We're exited to join a beer culture in LA that is one of the best in the world in my opinion.



Bonus Question: We love to ask…. Who would make up your dream team for a collaboration? Is there a particular style you would want to do with that brewery?

Kevin - I'm very excited about our upcoming colabs with Highland Park Brewery and Homage Brewing. 2 of my favorite local breweries and some of the coolest people around. I think my ultimate colab dream would be Jester King. I think we'd probably make something sour and funky. Maybe...


You can order Kevin and Sara's  beers online HERE