Posted by Sarah Carroll

New to our site, but not new to the world of craft beer, Telegraph Brewing’s president Brian Thompson let us pick his brain to see what they are all about. Learn more about why we chose their IPA for our as our next Freshies partner - being canned & shipped 11/30/2016.  


  • So How long have you and head brewer Peter Baer been working together and how did you two join forces?

''Peter has been at Telegraph for about 5 years. He actually joined Telegraph as a keg cleaner/assistant brewer when he first moved to Santa Barbara; his brother was head brewer at Telegraph at the time and was doing such a great job, we knew we had to find a role for Peter as well. A few years later, Scott ended up making a career change, and Peter had moved up the ranks, so it was an easy decision to slot him into the head brewer position.''


  • You can say craft beer is a journey… Which beer got you started down this road?
''I went college in the Bay Area in the early and mid-90s, when craft beers were still called microbrews. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Anchor Steam were go-to beers for me, along with other NorCal breweries like Mendocino Brewing and Anderson Valley. Belgian imports, like Chimay and Rodenbach and Dupont, were special occasion beers but left a big impression on my beer palate.''
  • If anyone gets the chance to stop by the brewery, what’s the must try?
''Everything on the board, of course! It really depends on what that person is in to; we have a couple rotating Obscura taps, those are our sour/barrel-aged/experimental beers; we try to have at least one lager on as well. We’re best known for our Belgian-inspired beers like our White Ale and our California Ale.''
  • One of our favorite things to ask…. If you had a choice to do a collaboration with any brewery who would that be and what style would you choose?
''One of our former employees is at Lord Hobo, back in the Boston area. They’ve been doing some great things in the New England hazy IPA style that are very exciting. That would be a fun collaboration for Telegraph.''
  • There are many elements that go into running a brewery, so there are bound to be disasters now and again… Have there ever been any bummer mishaps that you can laugh about now?
''Too many to count! One of my favorite bummer stories is the thief who broke in to our tasting room (the one time we’ve ever had a problem like that) and stole a couple hundred bucks from the register, but walked right past a stack of cases of barrel-aged beers that were worth a whole lot more than the money. We got lucky that he had no idea about the beer, and only wanted the cash!''
  • Any sneak peaks or exciting things on the horizon for Telegraph you can let us in on?
''We always have fun stuff in the barrels. Our annual sour beer festival, Dia de las Obscuras, is a great showcase for our very limited-release, small-batch, barrel-aged beers; we’ll definitely have some exciting new beers for that. The festival is coming up in early May, 2017.''

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