Andi Fausto 2015 Ascaro (Barbera)
Andi Fausto 2015 Ascaro (Barbera)

Andi Fausto 2015 Ascaro (Barbera)

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Higher toned and more refined. The ‘ASCARO’ shows every trait Barbera has to offer and more. This wine has potential for cellaring but is expressive along the way. Grab your favorite Pizza or Pasta and experience Fausto wines as they are intended... at the table.

The Vineyards
Care for the vines is at the heart of Fausto and his son’s work to grow the perfect grapes for their wines. The vineyards lie on south facing slopes at 230 mt above sea level in the Oltrepo’ Pavese area (Lombardy), in clay soils with veins of chalk running through them. The grapes are those best adapted to the soil and weather: Barbera, Croatina, Croa’, Vermiglio, Moradella, Uva della Cascina and Pinot Noir.The most common vine diseases are treated without chemicals, and instead use skimmed milk and whey, combined with microbodies grown from the grapes themselves and the native soil. The grapes are harvested by hand in 15kg boxes. The winery is close to the vineyards with the grapes arriving 30 mins from picking, preserving peak freshness and finesse whilst avoiding spoilage and minimising damage.

Azienda Agricola Andi Fausto
Family run Business, lying in the “Oltrepò Pavese” district, for a total area of 6 hectares (14,826 acres) of vineyards, after the second half of the 19th century, it turns into a wine growing Business. Since the 70s has chosen a restructuring project aiming at the safe-guard of the traditional wine growing to comply with the environment and the end user.

The philosophy basis of this Business, whose leader is Mr. Fausto, his wife Elizabeth,his son Augusto, besides the help of the boys called “Fuori dalla Mischia” (off-the brawl) is the respect for the others and a sharing network of the knowledge which makes easier the comparison and exchange. The label are painted by hand by disabled people who come to the winery with their teacher every week.

Manual labour, terrritory management and environmental protection are the basis for a responsible agriculture. The regaining of indigenous vineyards (such as Moradella, Barbera, Croatina, Vermiglio, Croà ..) and historical vineyards, complying with the territory propensity, and the use of the “Bottaia Didattica” (didactic barrells) (made in 2007 thanks to the skills of Garbelotto Business Concern), has been a decisive factor to deal with the issues concerning wood and the wine influence have been the essential elements to reach for our own concepts as for respect and balance.

Co-operations with Institutions, Universities , Training Centers and highly skilled professionals represent further elements steadily used for our own growth. From the agronomic point of view, the Business works in the field of the biodynamics agriculture and aims at an absolute balance between man and Nature through organic agriculture, a careful care of the soil (not only of the plants) by means of micro-organisms to make them more resistent.

The relation between Man and Nature is the basis of the research from which we commit ourselves to intervening on the land undertaking customs, new techniques and the research of an appropriate ethical dimension in keeping with a harmonic and balanced project. From an eonological point the Business looks for the same balance by using new materials, long maceriting process, good timing and vitality of the produce which can last for ever.

People say: “ Fausto's produces are the fruits of the soil and man's labour,
of a respected, cared for and valued land but above all a land studied with close attention. It is a much cared activity from which arises Fausto's wines, but it is mainly an attentive experience he handleswith his produces, such as a close study of the land, of the peple who have worked on it, the scents, the sensations and colours which arouses inside us.

Azienda Agricola Andi Fausto, Fraz.Moriano, 48 Montù Beccaria, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia, Italia