Bellenda Levis Prosecco

Bellenda Levis Prosecco

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Veneto, Italy

Fantastic producer of Prosecco, marrying old world tradition with innovative production.

 It appears luminous and sparkling, with a delicate bead of fine bubbles and a soft,l but generous mousse. The bouquet is generous, with emphatic notes of Golden Delicious apple, peach, and wisteria. The palate is fruit-forward and smooth, displaying a wonderful balance between fragrance and refreshing crispness on the elegant finish.

On the hills surrounding Conegliano, about 50 miles north of Venice, lies the beautiful estate of Bellenda. In 1987, Sergio Cosmo started this winery which is located in the very heart of the prosecco producing region while also completely replacing the vine varieties on land he already owned. The Cosmo family also re-designed the layout of the vineyard, planting 80% of the grapes now used for Prosecco and other sparkling wines with the rest used for still wines. Today, the family business is run by Umberto and Luigi Cosmo, who have a passion for making wine which marries tradition and innovation for the production of truly outstanding wines.