CB Riesling 2019

CB Riesling 2019

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The growing season in most areas was slightly delayed, but the season ended well thanks to a sunny fall. Temperature fluctuations throughout March allowed for significant snow melt and led to high spring water levels for the start of the growing season. April and May continued with high moisture, but for the well-draining soils of the Niagara Peninsula, this was not a major concern for wine growers. June brought summer weather with normal temperatures across Ontario and the growing season got under way. Flowering occurred quickly as the grapevines accelerated their growing to make up for the late start.

The summer was warm and sunny, punctuated by three short but intense heat waves.
Heading into harvest, the weather was generally cool and sunny. This cool weather, combined with low humidity and sunshine provided a boost for grapes in terms of phenolic ripeness and prevented breakdown of fruit allowing an extended period for grapes to fully ripen.

Alcohol: 10.2%

Residual Sugar: 20.2 g/ L

Titratable Acidity: 9.3 g/L pH: 2.92