Chateau Des Charmes Riesling Icewine 375ml

Chateau Des Charmes Riesling Icewine 375ml

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Wonderfully sweet nectar. Aromas of apricot, pear and honey with a beautiful balance between fruit, sweetness and acidity. Icewine is a gift of winter to be enjoyed on its own or served with dessert. 

We pick our Icewine at -10°C or colder to make sure every ounce of water left in the grapes is completely frozen. We don’t want to dilute this incredible wine in any way.

Once in the Harvest Room we press the frozen bunches of grapes at up to 100
psi just to extract a few trickles of the thick and sweet juice. Because the juice is so cold and sweet we have to use aggressive yeast to start and maintain fermentation, which can take several months. The wine is sweet but is finely balanced with fruit
flavours and a strong backbone of acidity. Riesling is one of the great white grape varieties with excellent aging potential. 

Vineyard Manager's Notes
Riesling can be challenging in the vineyard. Too much moisture can cause the grapes to break down prematurely. We have to watch it very carefully, constantly. Unfortunately we can’t make this Riesling Icewine every year. The conditions aren’t right each vintage. We grow this wine in one block at the front of the Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard in a pocket of silty soil. This one location has given us this award-wining wine. We are disappointed in the years we can’t make it but when we do, it’s worth the wait.

  • Vintage 2014
  • 375 ml