Bellenda Cosi E DOCG Prosecco (Pet-Nat)

Bellenda Cosi E DOCG Prosecco (Pet-Nat)

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This wine is an intriguing exemplar of the custom of local famers of enjoying un-filtered Prosecco with their meals. Since it retains its natural yeast sediment, the wine appears slightly hazy, with delicate, pin-pint bubbles. Dry, crisp, and richly-flavoured, it releases a bouquet that is classic Prosecco, with pronounced apple and pear, but with fragrant lychee, white peach, honeysuckle, and white mint as well.


 The Glera grapes are grown in a south-southwest facing vineyard near Carpesica planted in limestone-clay soils rich in glacial residue from the ancient Piave glacier, which descended the Fadalto saddle between the Pizzoc and Visentin mountains. The elevation averages 180 metres, and the vines are trained to the Sylvoz system, at a density of some 4,200 vines per hectare. The grapes are hand-harvested, beginning in the second third of September, with a yield of 70 hectolitres/hectare. Winters are cold, and summers are warm but not humid, with constant breezes and significant day-night temperature differentials in the summer.


After the grapes are gently pressed, the must is gravity-settled then given a traditional, off-the-skins fermentation, with a brief maceration. Unfermented must is then added to the wine and it undergoes refermentation in the bottle, usually with the first warm days of spring, slightly before or after Easter.


Serve at 6-8°C in ample-size crystal. Avoid use of the narrow flute.
To enjoy it clear, carefully pour the wine into a serving carafe; to enjoy it with its natural sediment, pour directly into the glass: initially the wine will be clear, then its rich deposits will appear.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS AND CELLARABILITY Così è is a wonderful wine to enjoy with an aperitif, a picnic, and with cold dishes in general; it loves the simplest of meals. If stored appropriately, its fine body will ensure significant evolution over the years, gifting superb complexity on both nose and palate over the 4 years following its harvest year.

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