GinRosa Aperitivo 200ml bottle from Italy
GinRosa Aperitivo 200ml bottle from Italy

GinRosa Aperitivo 200ml bottle from Italy

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GINROSA is an ancient Italian aperitif created in 1885 by Annunziata Bournè an important philanthropist using 100% organic herbs, juniper berries and natural coloring. GINROSA is the only totally 100% natural Italian Aperitif with no artificial coloring.

Today GinRosa is served in many specialty wine bars, restaurants, famous gourmet stores. It also has been served since 1885 at the original historical bar called GINROSA situated at Milano Piazza San Babila.

The GINROSA wine bar/restaurant walls and counter have heard millions of stories and accompanied a lot of time with clients. It is a place to have a moment of peace and pleasure as many important personalities have been frequent customers - not only the Milanesi but from all over Italy and the world. Today you can sit at this famous historical place inside or downstairs at the enoteca/restaurant, or in the galleria patio, enjoying a Ginrosa aperitif, sitting next to very interesting and special people who come and go.

The GinRosa Aperitif is suitable for original cocktails, the best way to enjoy it is the “SHEKERATO”  but they are many other versions  such as 

 SPRITZ ROSA with Italian Prosecco + ice
AMERICAN ROSA with Vermouth and Anguish + ice

ROSAJTO with Orange 🍊 + ice

ROSATONIC with tonic water + ice 

PINKLADY with passion fruit + ice 

 And of course the famous SPRITZ

GinRosa SPRITZ recipe

1) - 1/2 once di GinRosa

2) - 1/2 oz. of Italian Prosecco
3) - 6 ice cubes
4) - sparking water, soda, seltzer  

5) - 1/2 orange 🍊 slice