Fratelli Cosmo Prosecco

Fratelli Cosmo Prosecco

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Crafted from the Cosmo family winery located in the very heart of the prosecco region on the hills surrounding Conegliano, about 50 miles north of Venice.

The three Cosmo brothers or ‘Fratelli’ in Italian are known as the Prosecco Brothers: Umberto, Luigi & Domenico. From the family’s vineyards in the historic Prosecco DOCG Zone, they craft their wonderful Prosecco’s.

  • 750ml
  • 11.5 Alc by Vol

This fragrant, graceful Prosecco is the fruit of a selection of grapes from the finest vineyards in the zone of Cordignano, Sarmede, and Cappella Maggiore in the hills of Treviso.

It appears luminous and sparkling, with a delicate bead of fine bubbles and a soft but generous mousse. The bouquet is generous, with emphatic notes of Golden Delicious apple, peach, and wisteria, displaying a wonderful balance between fragrance and refreshing crispness. The palate is fruit-forward and smooth, full-bodied and well structured; overall, it is a harmonious and elegant wine.